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Spring Thyme

 ~ Standard Oil Company  Water Can~   

  .....in as found condition, not mint, but no holes and plenty of character. 14" tall. Heavy sturdy movable handle. Hand hold side handle. Bent spout.   Olde. Looks great as it is, with fresh flowers in it, or  along with other cans to make a real spring season collection statement!

$38.00 PLUS shipping to your zip code.

~The Water Can~ 

As found, #8 metal watering can, some rust, lots of character for your collection as part of several in groups, or to sit alone, empty or with flowers. No holes, 14" tall, stationary top handle, hand hold handle on side.   Olde.

$30.00 PLUS shipping to your zip code.

 ~The Number 12 Water Can~

In EXCELLENT condition, the galvanized #12 water can has a stationary handle and hand hold all in one piece. 16" high.   Olde.

$37.00 PLUS shipping to your zip code.


Very primitive, very used, very loved, this beeskep was long ago painted white and has been losing that fresh coat of paint for some time. Wired together here and there, and the handle is not mint.... none the less, it looks great on the porch or in the garden. 12" high, 13" across the bottom. 

  $29.00 PLUS  shipping 

   ~Olde Silver & Sweet Annie~

  As spring has taken her sweet time arriving in northern Michigan, my thoughts turn to my flower garden, which is primarily perennials, with spatterings of  snapdragons, cosmos, and a host of scattered wild seeds, mixed in with bird houses, two 'houses' formed from old painted white paned windows, pieces of  farm fences, and the century old bricks I finally made into a winding path thru the  flower garden last summer.   

This year, to mark where new seeding is planted, I am using old silver forks, sadly past their prime, to hold the packets to remind me what is planted where.

 3 packets of sweet annie seed and 5 forks      $18.00 includes shipping


Whether used in a big wood butter bowl or trencher, or sticking out of an antique basket or yelloware bowl, this dried natural grass, the color of  old antique greens, gives all your spring or ANY season displays a primitive look. Harvested here on our farm, specially cured to retain an old antique look. 

 2 gallon size bags $9.00+$6.00 shipping. 


~~Cloth eggs~~

Drawn freehand, with no pattern, eggs vary in size and shape. Deeply grunged printed fabric, some with ties, some not..they are approx. 3-4 " long. Great for spring OR anytime!  set of 3/$18.00+$4.05 shipping. 


..long carrots, heavily grunged. 2 for $20 + SH


The bunnies need food...or you at least need to add these to your Spring thyme collection!!!! cloth carrots set of 3 for $12.00

Lindroth the Cat Makedo   

Lindroth is drawn freehand,  heavily grunged in several steps, has 2 olde bone button eyes, store bobbin string whiskers, and very old fabric for the mouth, sitting atop an old green insulator base. 10" tall. $39.+SH

..a long time admirer of Net LaCroix patterns, I love this cat and bunny. Deeply grunged in several steps, they are 9&10" tall, both have old button eyes.  $28.00 each+$4.05 shipping.

..a primitive cat, Net LaCroix pattern, heavily grunged with old button eyes. $28.00+$4.05 shipping.

..sitting haphazardly in an old box, I got last fall in Tennessee, are some really grubby carrots. Heavily overdyed, with 'greens' from old rug parts. set of 3 for $12.00+ $3.50 shipping.

..mostly drawn freehand, these cloth eggs are about 5" long, heavily overdyed. Great for any season, tucked in a bowl, old basket, or wooden box.  Set of 3 for $18.00+$3.50 sh.



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