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We are pleased to once again be offering items for the Tilda Collections, items that either were in my own personal collection or items from the now closed High Button Shoe shop. With storage FULL of items, we will try to offer things on a weekly basis, so please continue to check often. We accept paypal and personal checks, and shipping is to YOUR zip code as close as I can come in cost and in the cheapest method possible.


 Prices do not include shipping. We accept paypal, checks & money orders.


Handmade stamped and signed Longaberger Basket. Stamped... Longaberger Baskets Handwoven Dresden Ohio USA, with a stamp of a barn and silo. Handsigned  with date of 1992 in ink , in small faint pencil numbers the # 227, signed what appears to be H RA with 2 horizontal lines to the left of the H and one below the R. MINT condition. Forest green colored strips. 12-1/2x8-1/2" not including handles.  $70+SH 

Handmade Longaberger Basket , 17-3/4x12-1/2" not including handles. MINT condition.  Stamped Longaberger Baskets Handwoven Dresden Ohio USA. Signed BAM 1991.  70+SH

Old cheese box with 4 old farm awls & one 8" long sewing awl, likely for leather, all in old attic finish.  $39+SH

..hand carved OLD wood spiles, a tap or spout driven into a maple tree to draw off sap. Set of 3, wrapped in raw flax. Woods found in attic finish. $29+SH


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