~ Olde Pieces From the Past~

~ Potato Mashers~

 Apparently I have collected potato mashers for some time. I will be showing more later. I still use one in the kitchen, preferring it over the electric beater, using the masher method shown to me by my grandmother and mother in law. These two are olde, one more so than the other. Black handled one is oldest, the other bears no paint left on the handle.

Set of 2   $24+SH to your zip code.


~ Vintage Redwork Tablecloth~

Made beautifully, long ago, when such work was in fashion, from old bleached flour sacks sewn together, and finished in red work design. Baskets with flowers. Excellent condition. All hand worked. OLD but no holes.    50x79"  A stunning piece of redwork.

$40.00 + SH

   ~ Olde Brown Jug~ 

Olde brown glass bleach (?) jug, with bubbled glass & original cork. LARGE size.. 14" high.  5-1/2" across bottom. Excellent condition.

          $40.00 + SH  SALE PRICED $24.00

  ~Pantry Jar, Kraut Cutter & Butter Paddle~

   Olde glass pantry jar w/original deep sage green metal lid. Excellent condition.

    Kraut cutter in attic finish. All original, in attic finish. Penciled addition numbers clearly  visible on front, from days of its use. 18" long.

   Butter Paddle, in attic finish wood. Ridges on back side. 9-1/2" long.

      Pantry Jar $38.00 +SH

     Kraut Cutter $32.00 +SH

     Butter Paddle $10.00 +SH

   ~From the Barn~

I have had this lantern many years. It is as found...rusted metal, no glass, slightly skehaw'd, door is crooked, as is the handle.

 The back has a soldered on 'hang handle' & a plaque with the name Russ Jackob stamped into it. 11-1/2"h, 4" square.  Great with a candle in it!  

 $54.00+SH  SALE PRICED $29.00

 ~From the Closet~

Olde wood hangers with sturdy metal holders. Attic finish. Some have advertising marks still visible on them. 17  across bottom. Set of 5 hangers

           $29.00+SH   SALE PRICED $20.00

~ Forged Iron ~

..with its purpose unknown to me, I have loved this piece for many years. I used it for a variety of things, sometimes to hang candles, and often just left as is...naked. Of heavy forged iron, it is 12" tall, on a round 5" base, and has 4 'arms' that protrude out. It may have at one time, held old store stamps to show a purchase paid or due.  $55.00 + $6.50SH and $1.75 Insurance.

~Child's Old Brown Shoes~

From a child, a pair of brown shoes, showing long wear, they would have been passed down from child to child. Buster Brown? perhaps but the label is well worn. Inside heel cloth is very worn, good soles. Old laces. 7" long.    $14.00 includes shipping.

 ~ Children's Olde Shoes~

Very old shoes (shown on left), perhaps a light tan in their original newness, difficult to tell now with much wear. One heel back worn down from wear. 7-1/2" long.  Soft white small child shoes (shown on right), in soft leather upper and soles, Original laces. Very worn with frayed stitches. 4" long.    

$12.00 for EACH pair, includes shipping.   

~Reflecting Mirror~

...My walls have many old mirrors, some in such poor silvering your image is difficult to make out.. Those of course, are my favorites!  This is a good mirror completely encased in hand hammered brass, front and back. Handmade, with 2 hooks on back with a string hold. 10-1/2x18". Very unusual frame, with an arched top. 

 $42 + SH

As seen in my dining room of the Country Sampler House Tour....

 Handmade wood box with original grey paint, old leather suitcase type handle secured with metal strips, hinged on back, with old metal closure on front. Inside is old attic finish wood. 13x6.5x6"

     $45.00 + SH

 Olde Yellow Bench

Yellow over black original paints w/ red paint splotches. Handmade Old Stool, with hand hold. 13x8.5x7.5"   $56+SH

Old Milk Stool

 A very old handmade farm stool, probably for milking cows and used in the barn. Top is 11x6.5x2" thick. The legs are hand-hewn from old tree branches. A great primitive piece! 


~Old Pillow Case~

One olde muslin pillow case, heavily stained with natural age, but never used or washed. Beautifully hand crocheted edging in thick dark ecru colored crochet cotton. In MINT condition, but beautifully stained of its age. 

$20.00 includes shipping.


~  Pieces from the old Table~

 Always intrigued by old silverware, its condition   not important, but preferably with signs of age and some tarnish, I have collected for some time   now. Patterns do not match. Some are tarnished. Some are dark. All have beauty. Most are silver-plate.        All are olde.

  Place setting of 4 spoons, 4 forks and 4 knives.

      $24.00 + SH



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