of paper and cloth


The Wings of the Morning

 Old novel, The Wings of the Morning, by Louis Tracy, published September 1903. The pages are nicely yellowed by age, the cover shows age but still in good condition.

$12.00 + SH

~ 1920 Almanac~

 Agricultural Almanac for the year 1920. Volume 95.

Original cost 10 cents. John Baer's Sons, Inc. Lancaster, PA.  Green binding edge, the top enforced by black threading tied. All pages darkened with obvious age, all legible. Delightful reading of when to plant and how, with 'moon's phases, etc.  Features:  Spring Tonics, How to set the Hen, To Stop Hiccoughing (yes, that's what it says), The Right Kind of Shoes to Wear, The Goose Situation

 and many more pages of interesting trivia of that era.

      7x8.5"   Excellent condition. $28.00 includes SH



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