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New from the Farm

~The Farmhouse in print~

 In June we were honored to have our farmhouse photographed for the upcoming March 09 issue of Country Sampler Tour of Homes. With primitive farm furniture, old collections of treenware, tinware, baskets and some out of control fetishes, the sunlight and shadows creep and dance through the rooms and showcase the house for sometimes only a brief moment in stark beauty.

  The Tour of Homes is 10 never before shown homes, and that issue is NOT part of your subscription, but is purchased in stores that sell magazines, shops that sell Country Sampler, or by contacting CS. I hope to have some issues to sell myself from HighButtonShoe.  Our dining room is shown in the past two issues (November & January) to promote that issue. 

 A farmhouse CD with over 250 pictures of the house and grounds is $8 post paid.

~Candle in the Darkness~

...trips to the barn always yield me good finds. A minnow cage (in part), atop an old white painted porch pole base, 8-1/4" square and 3-1/2" tall. The cage (8-1/4" tall) is in the original barn patina rusted screen. I put an old used white wedding candle, fused by wax drippings to a zinc canning lid cover base on the porch pole circle and it sets thru the natural hole of the minnow cage, holding it in place. A very unique and primitive piece! 

$45.00+ SH per box size.   OOAK  SALE $32.00+SH

~Soap Saver~

I collect old soap! My favorite being old lye based soaps, but it really matters not, just so it looks old.

This soap saver is cut without pattern, from heavy grain sack, and all hand stitched. It is 5x5" folded, but sizes will vary slightly. It has a vintage button catch & store bobbin string closure, and a pocket inside the flap to hold the soap, should you choose to use it as such.  The edges are all hand sewn with heavy bobbin string and is heavily overdyed .It comes with a handmade bar of soap and a piece of lye soap. $29 + $5.00SH  SALE $22.00+SH

~ The skirt~

...from an era long ago, I have had this old skirt in my collections for some time. Of the original aged olde muslin, it is heavily stained (original, not newly done by me). Measuring 86" wide in its wide hem, it is 43" long, showing signs of once being gathered, now merely stitches remain to suggest that.

~ The Hanger~

..perfect for display of the old skirt, the olde wood and iron hanger is in mint condition and reads legibly on both sides - Lively Jake  up to now Clothier 

 Manistee Mich.  Pat'd Aug. 16, 1908

Old skirt and hanger set,  $65.00+$5.00 SH and $1.75 Insurance.

 ~Olde Metal Lamp~

..I have many old lamps in my collection, but have never seen another like this one before. Completely metal, measuring 3-1/2" x9" x1-1/4" high, with no visible holes, the once white paint is now grung'd with its age and use, has a pear shaped 'cone' for the wick to come thru, and the original cap.  $40.00+ $4.80 SH and $1.75 Insurance.  SALE $30.00+SH& Ins.

~ Forged Iron ~

..with its purpose unknown to me, I have loved this piece for many years. I used it for a variety of things, sometimes to hang candles, and often just left as is..naked. Of heavy forged iron, it is 12" tall, on a round 5" base, and has 4 'arms' that protrude out. It may have at one time, held old store stamps to show a purchase paid or due. 

$55.00 + $6.50SH and $1.75 Insurance.


Intrigued by all variations of old pinkeeps, I own one that belonged to my grandmother of old pink silk type fabric. Frail, I never use it. This  folded envelop type pinkeep is adapted after Grandma's. Made from heavily grunged grain sack, it is 6x9" folded, all hand stitched with store bobbin string, is filled gently with dried grass clippings, has a vintage button and aged store string for closure. And a few old pins. The edges are all hand bound in a primitive childlike stitch with store string. Others, beside this one, will vary slightly in size and the grunged stain.

$29 + $5 SH  SALE  $22.00+SH


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