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~The Cherished Items~ Card Set No.1

This is the newest line of greeting cards. A set of 5 blank cards, on quality white paper stock, 5x6.5", with envelop. Crisp quality photographs of things from the farmhouse; the wool sheep pull toy with an old lantern, a wood dough bowl full of my old heart tins, a very old large graniteware coffee pot, a cloth bird & its shadow on the weathered chicken coop doors, and the old enamelware plates in sunlight on my olde wood table on the summer porch.  Colors are in muted hues of greys & blues. Some of my best work! Set of 5 cards/ $12 includes shipping.



From the very moment I first saw the angel dolls with wooden architectural 'wings', dressed in vintage christening gowns in the Seasons at Seven Gates Farm book many years ago, I was intrigued by these dolls.  In great demand, theirs were difficult if not impossible to buy and had large price tags. Several years ago, I made them for the shop.  Always using old clothes and old architectural wood pieces for wings, Ansella, this angel doll is 28" tall with the rusted wire and star, she herself is 23" tall, the wing span is 13".

Ansella wears 2 old (color tone from age) ornate pillow cases, with lace trims for her skirts, covered by a very old yellowed from age infant sweater, all original. The doll herself is aged stiffened muslin, with old mother of pearl button eyes, stitched nose and sparse string hair. The wings are an old wood trim piece with original white paint still visible. She hangs with a wire hanger. $115 + $8.50 shipping. ONLY 1. 


Cast Iron Tree Stand

A most unusual tree stand, heavy cast iron, in old finish showing its age, it sits on 3 legs 14" long, and is 10" high. The round base holds the tree when the legs are down. They fold to make it more compact. Grippers on the top of the leg hold the tree. $59+SH

This Olde Bear

From the Tilda Collection~

VERY OLDE bear, loved in all the right places, thread bare in some, but still all there. Head slants from age. Some child's chum from long ago.

Right and true. $98+ SH


Mrs Seeley's White Mittens 

....the last work of my beloved Mrs. Seeley before her death in July, her hand knitted white mittens. Small, white, perfect reminder of times when we wore handmade mittens, perhaps from our grandmothers. Display in a bowl, string across a chair, mantle or window, or perhaps just a pair on painted table.. $4.00 per pair+SH. LIMITED supply.

HandMade Soaps

..hand made soaps, wrapped in parchment copies of handwritten 1911 ledgers, & tied with old strings.

3 soaps for $15, includes shipping. Limited. About 30 soaps available.


the Cat   (Net LaCroix pattern)  $45 + SH

Nellie Johnson sampler (words taken from her tombstone), history of her written on back of sampler 5x7 frame. stitched freehand. $20 + SH

crow with three toes sampler, stitched freehand, 5x7 frame, $20 + SH



Sewing bag shown open and closed $48 + SH

A lovely example of old dresser or table linen, this ecru hues of linen and delicate detailed crochet work, measures 56x20".  Excellent condition. $58.00+ $2.00SH

This is a very OLD piece of linen, in dark ecru color, in a coarse weave. Slight stains add to its character, but don't detract from its primitive look. 33x12"  $38.00+$2.00 SH

hand carved here on the farm... sale priced $24.00 each   5 available

 Often during long winter nights, the farmer carves wood. Foghorn Rooster is one of the creations. Hand carved, with rich attention to detail, Foghorn has 7 pieces hinged together. He sits with legs straight out, or hanging down off a shelf or table. 9.5 long x 6.5" high sitting.  Very primitive, excellent quality. MADE IN MICHIGAN.  $32.00+$6.00 SH

Old fashioned candle lamp look (electric), with 6" candle sleeve, black base & (3) 6-watt candle-lite bulbs. "the warm glow of candle light without the flame".  $18.50 + $2.50 SH

These light bulbs last a long time, especially when burned constantly.

 ~~ natural linen flax~~

  with it's many uses to come to mind,  the one I prefer is simply filling a big old wooden dough bowl!  It looks equally primitive and country filling an old basket.  This  early bowl (measures 15" across and 4" deep NOT FOR SALE), is filled right up to overflowing!  Flax as shown $15.00 + SH.  Colors range in light to dark taupe, with blondes and greys mixed here and there.


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