~Olde Flour Sack Linens~

 Set of 6 OLDE flour sack linens. 32" long

  $35.00 includes SH in USA

~Olde Buttons Napkin Ring~

 Old already aged heavy cardstock, originally educational word cards, with 8 OLD white buttons hand sewn on. Tied with twine.

Linens sold separately.  $12.00 includes SH in USA.

~Tennessee BeesWax~

Years ago I bought several large heavy rounds of unpurified beeswax from a bee keeper in Tennessee.  Broken into manageable pieces with an axe, I melted down many pounds of it to use in projects. The rest I have merely had sitting in bowls. I love that simple look of it. It has impurities of dirt and sawdust, which adds to its visual character.

5 large pieces  $35 includes SH in USA.



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