March 24, 2009
High Button Shoe
the farm update
    & goings on of the farm
....actually not much is going on. Not worth sitting down to pen to you, probably. I can thankfully report that most of the snow banks are gone, but the highest ones where the snow was piled up over my head to begin with. It has been a very long winter, to say the least. Spring officially on the calendar has come and gone. That date on the calendar rarely corresponds with any actual
spring type weather. But I am so happy that there is dead brown grass to look at. When we get that brown grass in July when we have not had rain, I am never so thrilled, but in March or April, I am. Anything besides white!
On my daily treks to the flower garden, which in post winter looks pretty pathetic I might add, my 100 white tulips are poking up
through the ground now about 3-4 inches high and I mark their growth each day with a smile. Other plants are beginning to surface too. The old lilac bush has tiny buds, with the few days of warm weather we got. It is way too early for them, and they will surely take a set back with a sure to come frost.. they always do.
And true to my word, I have not complained about mud... I know. You didn't think I could refrain from that, did you? I do believe however, that I must get the truck detailed. I never can think of an appropriate season to have that done. Spring/mud. Summer/sand. Fall/mud. Winter/salt & wet snow. But I best be making an appointment as the other half of the farmhouse is making serious comments to me that this should be done. When I get the 'serious' comments, I know enough to pay some attention. Otherwise I basically... don't. And about the end of April I will have the snow tires taken off. When I make plans to do it earlier, we are most often hit with another foot of snow for a few days and driving is difficult. I don't know the latest figures, but the local paper reported a while ago, that we had gotten 214 or 217 inches of snow since November...and we have gotten a couple more inches since then... Indeed, we woke up last Saturday to full ground cover of snow. It broke records this year, not to mention my faulty to begin with, patience !
I am really looking forward to putting the snow shovels, mittens, boots and heavy coats away. Unless hung on the back landing to the basement, they found spots hung on the summer porch, which is not heated, so while being a mess there all the time, they didn't dry well either.  My goal this season, is to find all matching gloves and mittens and put them together for the start of the fall season when they will be needed again. Why I do this, I don't know. Somewhere, in between putting matching sets together and actually getting them out in the fall, some seem to vanish into thin air. All I ever find is one of any glove set, not two. So my normal attire of winter wear is always two mismatched gloves. However, there is always hope.. vague to slim  perhaps but still hope.
Today, while 38 degrees, it is COLD, with high winds, so to work in the barn I had on my ski cap too. It reeks havoc with this short hairdo, the same as it did with the long hair. I was in Wal-Mart the other day and saw a magazine that was completely short hairdos. I almost bought it. But I am doing better with this short hair. Except for ski cap days, of course. Then....nothing helps.
I am going to recycling tomorrow, so I decided to go thru a big basket of magazines I had kept all winter. The idea would be that
if I had kept them, they must of had some importance to me. I was wrong. A big box is going to the hospital to recycle to them.
A bigger box is going to the recycle center. And I ended up with a whole Kroger sack bag of stuff to burn in the wood stove.
I have a small pile of magazines to go thru again to see if they have any merit. Magazines I always loved just aren't what they used to be.
I cleaned out the refrigerator today, a chore I hate doing. It is always good to do it when Ron isn't home. Occasionally he gets to snooping around in there and actually removes the lid from some container to see what it is. Obviously I do that on occasion myself. But while disgusting, my reaction is never quite the same as his. My theory on frig cleaning....if I don't recognize the container, it is not necessary to open it to find out the contents. Just throw it away. But with the coming of bare ground, I resort back to my throwing of waste into the garden off behind the wood I may have to pay more attention to what is past
date in there.
I got a most pleasant box in the mail several days ago. Max (of Candy&Max, as I always think of them as in one word...)
of  is making Civil War greeting cards, as well as old pictures of black  people ( I mean that nicely, but
can't think of a good way to put it...) I have found that it is hard to find pictures of black people from long ago, so I was
intrigued by them. The cards are magnificent!!  Max's email is  or you can go thru
the website to find out... I have told you before, but it bears repeating, Candy & Max are two of the most amazing women.
Their show, Simple Goods is one of THE best shows around, held in Ohio in November. All information about them and the show is on their website. Should you decide to order the cards, you simply will NOT be disappointed.  Also as a side note, they will be hosting another show, besides the SimpleGoods, in April 2010 in Ohio. There is information about that on their site.
The farmer's new tractor was delivered last week. I was gone that day, taking my folks downstate for didn't get to
see the 'arrival', but when I got home hours later...Ronnie's smile was still plastered on his face. He had run it over to Beulah's so grandson Mattie could "drive" the tractor, which is to steer it while Papa did the actual driving. Ronnie spent an evening reading the manual which amounts to a good sized 'book' on procedures and where to find things. I haven't been inside the tractor yet, but
looking at the manual, I do believe the 'buttons' closely resemble an airplane control panel!   Like I am going to touch anything in there!  I may have to get a pogo stick just to jump up into this thing! Or perhaps have a pulley hoist by the door to get myself
up there. Ron did show me a full page (which I ignored) that is hand signals. Can  you imagine?  They actually have an entire page of hand signals !!  While I know I will never decipher them, remember them, or care about them, I will continue my method of
when he gets red in the face and his arms are thrust wildly in the air, and I can't hear his words over the tractors roar, but KNOW it isn't good.... I will just come home.  I did tell you didn't I, that he traded MY tractor in on this one, so I suppose I will have to
pay some attention to how to drive this thing, once I figure out how to get up into it. Scary thought. The upside? I am sure the ground shaking under it's coming, will surely scare Fritz the Anaconda straight off into the swamp. Of course, I will be in the swamp soon on my annual picking of the pussy willows, so perhaps that isn't such a good thought afterall.
I updated our countrycraftshowonline (13 new items!)  before the 15th. I am late to tell you, obviously. Also was updated too. Our links are below. We will have new things on on the 31st, also. I am cleaning out some of my own folk art for sale, and showing more of my antique smalls. There are a few GREAT bench/stools on countrycraft online. Ones I thought I would never part with...but now I am. While the farmhouse has MANY benches and stools in it, I simply cannot fit anymore in. If these don't sell, I plan to redo the house soon and make a few changes.And perhaps bring these in, inplace of some I can take out.
Also please check out friends Miss Elspeth (Wendy) of on the primitive gathering and also goodest
friend Bittersweet Susan on .
We are selling our great looking grass for 2 bags for $15 includes shipping. Wonderful for spring displays!
One bag of flax for $17.50 includes shipping.  Great spilling out of baskets...or use for doll hair.
The Country Sampler Magazine House Tour which features our farmhouse for $8.50 shipping included.
The Farmhouse Collection CD (about 300 photographs of the farmhouse and the grounds) for $8.00 post paid.
Our paypal address is and we also accept checks or money orders.
As I continue working in the barn, I will be adding new items to the sites listed below and we should be making some changes soon in the website.
Also, check out daughter Robin's (Beulah) blogspot. She has beautiful photographs and pensive words written in her blog, that
shows her true inside beauty as she shares her take on the day with you.
Thanks for asking to be a part of our farm.
Should you decide not to, merely reply with remove and it will be kindly taken care of.
in fond regard, Tilda
the farmers wife,
with short hair,
happy with the thoughts of spring,
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