Makedos and Pincushions

  ~ Makedo Pincushion~

Makedo. A term put into practice a century ago to describe the everyday custom of 'making' do with what they had. Using bits and pieces of left over remnants to repurpose  into something useful and not waste. These pincushions are made from old quilt  squares filled with stuffing, draped on old   glass insulators and wrapped securely with aged store bobbin string.  Heavily   aged.  Fabric colors vary.

        $24.00 includes shipping

Jasper's Old Shoes Left shoe is SOLD

...long ago worn by a child, these old black shoes show signs of wear and age. Stuf'd with sawdust in old linen, I made them into a salvaged makedo.  $29 each+sh Specify left or right shoe AS they were worn.




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