~The flamboyant Bird~

 Bought many years ago in Penn. at Market, this elegant bird, a PODESZWA piecesigned and dated (1998), a peacock perhaps, is a definite genuine piece of folk art.  Large, a wood carving, at 17" wide, 9" deep mounted on a 10" dowel, in brown with pumpkin hue'd detailing, sitting on a 3" high crackled wood base.

 $70.00 + SH

~ The fragrant Lavender~

  From old white linen fabrics, the word  lavender is stitched freehand in a naive manner, with the closing hand stitched. The aroma of restful lavender escapes from each packet. Cut with no pattern, each bag is approximately 3" long.

  4 bags for $22 INCLUDES shipping.

        Only 4 sets available.


~Pelt Board Candle~

  Farms yield up the most delightful pieces  to reinvent into something else! Finding this old pelt board, I wrapped it in old grain sack, and added one of Ron's grunged candles in  a coiled wire holder he also made. The hole seen in the board is natural to the board.


  $36.00 + Shipping



~The Watermelon & Pear~

Plaid mustard flannel pear, heavily stained, with old glove finger in ragged use condition, for stem. 8" tall.  $20.

Watermelon, heavy feel, and heavy grunged, from old grain  sack, olde pins. 7-1/2" long.  $20.00 

$20.00 EACH + Sh


From a pattern I drew myself, these gingerbread men are something you can keep out all year. 15" long, rag stuf'd, and grunged in a process that leaves them almost like leather, they have old bits of some black fabric for eyes and buttons.  $29.00 each+SH


~~Sugar Cones~~

 With the popularity of molasses sugar cones, we offer you ours! Approximately 4"tall, we wrap them in dried corn husks, brown paper, and twine and then sit them in a bag made of  old grainary sacking, naturally aged. They look perfect sitting anywhere!  $8.50 + shipping.

~Little signs~

   Made from old weathered Michigan wood snow fence or old potato crates, these signs are about 2-3" long, hand painted and lettered, and hung with a wire bail. Display them on your Christmas tree, on canning jars, laying around on tables, put them on gifts in place of bows...their uses are endless. About 400 different sayings available. Can be seasonal, or everyday thoughts. A GREAT buy at $1.00 each, with a minimum order of 25 + shipping.

WeatherVane Rooster

…reminded of old weathervanes, our rooster is wood, complete on both sides. He stand on a steel rod in a wood base and turns. He has metal tail feathers, feet and comb. His tail feathers has a hole in it like it was shot with a gun, as they often were. 16” tall. $31.95+shipping.

  ~~hAnG  tAgS~~ 

12 for $8.00 post paid Heavily stained, 6 different designs, 2 of each. Vintage styles of child's head; 2 women in long dresses; old ledger writing;  stamp w/postmark & old writing; man's face w/stamp & postmark; sunflower w/word. Ledger & writings have old writing on back side as well.  

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