Life is a cornucopia overflowing
with a harvest of bountiful blessings.
Love, family, health, and happiness
are the ripe and abundant fruits
of a life well lived.

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~Claire Germfask~

Even in spring, when the normal folk don't think of pumpkins, witches and spells cast, the witches of New Bleking forests contemplate the October fest, and watch from darkened hiding places, with delight & muffled cackles, while the folk till the grounds to plant seeds with the moon, with pumpkins, gourds, & corn. The harvest season will be on us, all to soon.

Of the Germfask haunt, meet Claire, a shelf sitter, drawn without pattern, pinch stitched nose, stitched mouth, 2 old mismatched button eyes, and wisps of raw flax hair under her hand sewn heavy grain sack witches hat, heavily grunged and stiffened. 13" tall, weighted body.  $39+SH

Herschel the Crow Witch

Witches come in many forms. Powers of change, you know. Herschel, tired of warts and green skin, concocted up a potion, worthy of any that Melverta has made, and transformed himself in a wisp of deep fog mist, into a crow. However, he could not make his hat disappear! Perhaps the wreath will disguise him further and he can live life as a crow until his true character re-immerges.  20" long and 12" high. His witch hat he cannot seem to be rid of, is rag stuf'd. Crow pattern is from 'Things that make you smile'. Herschel is mounted on an old hog scraper.  $58+SH   SALE PRICED $40+sh

~Lumina Pumpkin~

... always been intrigued by unusual pumpkins, I usually chose one that others may have overlooked as a discard. Lumina pumpkins came into popularity a few years back and I got hooked!  Made from naturally aged OLD grain sack, weighted, rag stuf'd, it has a forest stick stem, dried grasses, & aged cheesecloth around the stem. 7.5" x4.5"  $20 +$5 SH

~ Witches shoes~made in the past

...witch shoes, my bitties, belonging to Permelia Sickfrits, left behind when poor Permelia got a hex cast on her by a rival witch from Skunky Hollow, a mile over, as the crow flys, and she disappeared in an instant, leaving only her shoes to show she was even here. 10.5" long, olde mismatched buttons, a Hootin Annies pattern. $45.00 + $5.50 SH


~Wax Corn~

2 ears of 100% beeswax 'corn cobs', old not purified, with the original color of the old wax, on a dried corn husk, with raw flax 'silk', cob approx. 5" long, total approx.  $12.00 for set +$4.20 SH



..tired of ho-hum fall table arrangements? cellar apples & dried corn, alone as shown, or with your pumpkins, sunflowers and bittersweet will set off your table or cupboard in an age old picture of farm harvest at its best!  Apples 6/$9.00 + sh.  Corn 6/$10 + sh.

Cellar apples are sold out


crow shipping tags  8/$10 includes shipping


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