~Cokewell the Crow~

 I admit a fondness for crows. In the spring when their noisy caws explode onto the farm, my heart smiles, as a heralding of spring. My fondness seeps over to the folkart crow. Having made many of them, my all time favorite is a pattern from Kentucky Primitives that is dear to the heart of the designer Victoria Lynn, and has become so to me. Cokewell, from KP,  is a tall crow at 19.5". The naked crow is stunning enough by himself, but added on are the layers upon layers of grunge, that makes him crusty & extreme primitive! Cokewell, has 2 old shoe button eyes, 2 hand quilted attached wings, an aged 'apron' and perches atop an antique large filtering funnel, marked Coleman Schuyler Pat., Filtering Funnel, Coleman Lamp & Stove Co. Wichita, Kans. USA No. 1. in an old copper patina hue metal, that has paint splotches on it from another life as a funnel.

 $92.00 +SH  per box dimensions to your zip code.

taper jack

Golden amber rope candle, wrapped around turnkey device to push the candle up through the top opening, to burn. In original attic finish. Forged Iron. 8" tall, 6-1/2" wide.  $295.00+SH and insurance.

OLDE Zinc Lids   

Regular mouth OLD zinc lids with porcelain insert, NOT reproductions. Make your old pint or quart jars look primitive with the old look of OLD lids. 6/$15 +SH

Soap Dispenser made of recycled canning pint jars, the OLD zinc lid and a black dispenser, $12.00 +SH.

 Made HERE on the farm, not imported!

OLDE Wide Mouth Zinc Lids

Hard to find OLD WIDE mouth zinc lids, NOT reproductions. Make your pantry jars look old WITH old lids. only ONE set available! Set of 6/$20.00+SH 


~Antique Hue'd Grass~

In antique treenware trenchers, old dough bowls, yellowware bowls or baskets, this brome grass harvested here at the farm, makes a  beautiful bed to lay gourds, cellar apples, pumpkins or corn into. The is a large bowl shown with 1 gallon size bag of grass.

Treenware, gourd and cellar apples NFS. You get 2- one gallon bags of grass $9+$6SH.


Old baskets long beyond their usefulness, with splines poking out, and attic finish now replacing the once proud hues of their early years, hold flax with strings of its long taupe and silver colors entwined, spilling out to catch the slightest ray of sunshine and glimmer to delight the eye of the beholder. Basket NFS. Flax, enough to fill a basket, $15 + $2.50 SH



~One Sunflower~

One dried sunflower, dried Sweet Annie, still fragrant in its age, housed in an old bag, and gathered with aged store bobbin string.  $28+SH

~Dried Gourds~

My house is filled with dried gourds. Some fetish never seem to quiet. I love them in many shapes, sizes, coloring, and in all seasons. You will get 5 gourds, One large, 2 mediums and 2 smalls. Some have the black dried peeling 'skin' left on them, after they dried out in the snow through the winter, some have it removed, all will make your heart smile. 3 years old these are Completely dry, they will not rot. 5 Gourds/ $29 +SH.

.   NOTE: Due to the demand of this set, we are out of large gourds. A set will be 3 mediums and 3 smalls of varied sizes.

~From the barn~

EXTREME OLD grain bag, in 'as found' condition (not re-aged), with mends, holes, evident wear and use. I merely added a heavy jute to hang it by. 15x15".  Great hanging alone, or with dried herbs!  $48 includes shipping. EXTREME PRIMITIVE!    

~Old Military/Camp (?) Bag~

In heavy canvas fabric, old, in as found condition, with a few tears (but generally good condition), original buttons on tab closures, original 20" shoulder strap in excellent condition. Number 1064701 stamped on front. $48 + $4 S



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