Live life like a Sunflower!
Reach for the sky~
Stay open~
Bend with the breeze~
Bloom where you are planted~
Grow from the rain~
Turn your face to the sun~

  ~ThedaMae Treadstow~

With the thoughts of warm weather, and spring flowers, ThedaMae is excited to shed her winter heavy flannels and opted to try on a dress from her great aunt Agnes, that was sent for  her birthday. Dress is old vintage baby dress, her bonnet is vintage, all hand sewn, lined, with hand embroidered (exquisite) topping and pale once blue ribbon ties. ThedaMae wears one very OLD once white baby shoe, that has definitely seen wear. She is 19" long, with very skinny arms, legs and LONG feet, 2 mismatched old button eyes, black raw sheep's wool hair, a stitched nose & mouth with faint pale lips. $87.00 + SH   Signed and dated.  SALE PRICED $64.00


 ~~1800's doll~~   SALE priced  $45.00     4 available       

  From my friend Holly Schmidt, this doll is THE best primitive doll I have ever seen. Approximately 9" tall, she is tattered looking and looks like she would be from the 1800's. Several layers of grunged fabrics and textures, she has no facial features and holds a small bag. Absolutely stunning piece of folk art. $65.00+shipping.


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