the farm update
August 31, 200
...the last day of August. The last day of summer, perhaps. While I know the calendar deceives us into thinking that we still have summer left until the official day of fall, we who live here know the difference. It has had the 'feel' of autumn for weeks now. Indeed, this morning when I got up, the  deceptive sunshine did not let on, that is was only 34.6 degrees and I feared my flower garden that is so magnificent right now would have frost on it. The late evening 11PM news hinted at 'frost advisory', which leaves me wondering what is the difference between advisory and warning and actual, yup my plants are all dead?
After the morning chores of to the polebarn to get the turkeys some breakfast, I wandered over behind the house to the new flower bed that is SO magnificent with all the zinnias, bachelor buttons, 4 (who planted those?) large sunflowers, my favorite of the entire bed...it is absolutely FULL of poppies..FULL, and other plants that I don't know the name of, as I just emptied many packets together and threw them on the black dirt. They continue to thrive and have beauty, even if I don't know their names.
It appears they may have made it thru the night. I had hoped for another month of their beauty. Giving them time to let the seeds for next year mature. I may not be given that time. Drats!
With hooded sweat shirt, 2 shirts, jeans and shoes along with baseball cap I mowed the lawns late in the afternoon yesterday and mowed the barnyard. I should have had on long johns to boot as it was cold, with a cold wind.  Yesterdays high was 61. The rain we continue to get has made the lawns lush this summer (a term I am most generous to use, as this was a non-summer), and all the new grasses we planted have thrived and are most beautiful. We rarely had to use hoses. We  (the singular HE, not the plural him and me ...Ronnie) did replace the hose that drenched me each time we used it, and there were only a few days that a good drenching would have cooled me down from scorching temperatures.
I am, however, content, with the end of summer, which is a rare event.
I am planning to take the summer things off the porches and decks, and put them up in the barn. The yard chairs and the old wicker chairs will be put away. I don't usually do these tasks this early. I have been known to be found out in the first snows, taking in the collections of empty terracotta pots that are everywhere. Not this year. I am ready. Write that down, this is not an often event.
Looking back over the past 3 months, I am not sure I have accomplished much. The boxes in the barn were barely touched. I did little in the pole barn with boxes either. I think perhaps I spent too much time, sitting on that porch with coffee just watching the day unfold. Or in the living room watching the sun cross thru the french doors and flood the room with sunlight and shadows.
I did go thru several boxes in the basement, and have a good idea what is there and where it is. Temporarily, anyway.
I spent a lot of time outdoors, admittedly with long underwear and a sweatshirt on, but still outside.
It would be a good time to start rounding up gloves and such. And my old trusty nasty hat. I have even had occasion this summer to mow grass with my Japanese bomber style hat on, that the flaps tuck down under your neck to cover your ears. I am telling you it was COLD!  Like one sock, gloves seem to only come in 'one' here, rather than a pair. If you manage to find 2 gloves, they don't match. I think I am doomed to go thru life, with one black and one gray or brown glove. And if I have any luck, I will find my one orange glove, so I can wander back into the fields and trees to begin my annual search for my Christmas tree, while I can still clearly see the ground. This season, that will be done with my cell phone, a whistle or bell perhaps, perhaps the .22, and whatever arsenal I can carry and still navigate. The black bear is here. While my tree search last year did not have him breathing down my neck, I want to take NO chances this year.
Who would have thought picking out a Christmas tree could be so traumatic/dramatic?
I am still mourning the loss of Ruth Rochelle, as many of us are. I am not mourning Fritz the Anaconda, whose demise came not by my hand but Ron's haybine. However, as Ron 'lured' me up to the barn to see something, and thought we should walk around the back of the barn in the second cutting of hay, I walked, WITH SHOES ON, in the track the wood truck had made thru the hay with his big dual wheels and realized a Fritz-ling was slithering along in the same tire track only feet ahead of me. I managed to stifle a scream that would have alerted the neighboring farms that a snake was sighted, and only merely TOLD Ronnie there was a snake. I don't believe I even used a profanity, which generally occupys the same sentence as any snake sighting. Ron, my hero, but not a snake killer, went ahead of me and scared the snake off into the taller hay. And I followed behind in my tire path, now watching intently for any other of the 'lings', darn that Fritz anyway. Did I not tell you that he would find some way to even the score?
Ronnie was looking at the old apple tree up west of the barn that is filled with apples to harvest in a while. Grass up to my butt, surrounds it. If he thinks I am going to be picking apples, he is mistaken. We have been making applesauce and apple pies, for weeks, from the transparent tree that is producing for the first year ever. And the pear tree is loaded too, although not ready.
It is truly harvest time. I haven't seen any pumpkins or gourds yet in the market. After the one gourd rotted on my old wood floor this spring, having been there doing quite well all winter, well until it rotted, I am now banned from having a gourd sitting on the floor. This man simply has no sense of adventure. Except for apple trees surrounded by butt high grass with a possible Fritz-ling, of course. I have come to believe that men and women have different sources of adventure.
I told you a couple weeks ago, that I...me, the computer challenged of the entire decade, made me a picture trail. Well. I planned to continue adding to it. And I am.
Over the weekend, I added more pictures and yet again this morning. It is my plan (of which I am SO famous for...NOT) to continue to add a few new things every day or so. AND best part. I have reduced the prices on MANY of the things I have offered for sale in the past.  So please continue to check.
Also as I am no longer a part of host sites, I don't write updates on them. But continue to check the work of
www.pineberrylane.com  and www.theprimitivegathering.com as Miss Elspeth  of PineberryLane does wonderful work and is now making patterns! to boot. Also Bittersweet Susan, another good friend, who is at
www.bittersweetsusan.com and sells off www.simplyprimitives.com too. And Sus is busy putting together a picture trail too. A work in progress, www.picturetrail.com/bittersweetsusan .
And lastly, another very sweet and talented girl is trying to do some good works in the form of sales/raffles and such to help her brother in law who was hurt very badly in an accident in July. Sandy Holt from Missouri Dry Goods.  Find her at www.picturetrail.com/missouri_dry_goods  Also, check the work of Dawn Gunning of
www.picturetrail.com/theforgottenbarn  who helped me get started on my picture trail. Who am I kidding? Helped is a major understatement. Still I did it, with her help.
Okay, I am finishing up some housework this morning and off to Bevins Crossing this afternoon for work. Irene is coming to see my great flower garden this evening and I would like to have the porch looking fall-ish, instead of dead-ish summer. I have  dried gourds by the boxes. Don't you just love dried gourds? Me too. Obviously.
Remember on my picture trail, as I am not making any new folk art, that most of the things shown are One of a Kind. So it is a first come first email or call received type of sale. And watch for sales in ALL albums! Sneaky, ain't I?
Oh, and if you have a website or picture trail and want to link to my picture trail, let me know. I know how to do that! I know. You simply don't believe it. He-- hath indeed frozen over...
Thanks for asking to be a part of the farm and our life here.
Should you not, merely reply with remove.
in fond regard, Tilda
computer literate, kind of
need a hair cut,  actually
following new journeys