April 16, 2009
High Button Shoe
the farm update
Good morning,
Actually the farm update is a misnomer (is that a word?) I have been known to use words that aren't apparently a word, as my
computer kicks them back at me and suggests quite strongly that words I use aren't words! And like most regions, I am told
that Michigan uses words that are not known in other areas. I do believe farm country has its own set of language all by itself too.
A misnomer...because I don't have time to pen you a letter. Days on the farm lately have been very hectic and full.
My folks are requiring a lot of attention in the past several weeks and the next two weeks are full of doctor appointments, surgeries, and all the chores related to that.
So the farm update, is really an update to tell you that I have new things listed on the primitive gathering.
The link is below. I have ThedaMae Treadstow, a black doll in vintage attire. Old long johns to hang out on your clothes line.
A vintage piece of redwork linen that is exquisite, and something else. Drats. What? Let me think a minute.
.........well thinking didn't help. I guess I will have to go look.
Oh, yes,  an old wood mallet candleholder. I love this thing. It hangs in my living room.
Today is filled with a trip to town for groceries. Oh joy, as RhettaMae tells me. My favorite thing (NOT) to do. And picking up
supplies for Ronnie at HomeDepot, making sure I get 'straight' wood. And worst of all, my digital camera has died, and I must go
look for another one. Do I seriously strike you as competent to pick out a camera? No, I thought not. The camera I was using, my old standby, that we had a mutual agreement (the camera and me) that if it worked right, I would not throw it against the wall, and I would try determinedly to comprehend its complicated workings has forsaken me. It took me weeks to learn that camera, and then I only knew how to do certain things with it. The time it somehow turned itself into speaking Japanese was traumatic for me.
So when passersby at the store, see this middle aged woman, with the short haircut, muttering under her breath, and drool running down her chin, glasses over contact lens, pacing back and forth and sweating, and perhaps using her razzle-frazzle words, they may perhaps not recognize me. I can only hope. Just to be on the safe side however, I will leave the camera buying to almost the end of my chores. If not, my brain function will be severely challenged and I won't get all the groceries I need. AND all hope of Ron's straight wood will be nullified.
Oh joy! indeed.
I merely wrote to tell you that PrimitiveGathering is new as of yesterday...
Oh, and I will tell you that I have named rosemary. She is now Viberta Pickett. And continues to thrive in spite of me.
Thanks for asking to be a part of the farm and our life here.
Should you not, merely replay with remove and I will kindly do so.
in fond regard, Tilda
on stake outs for Fritz the Anaconda
my folks daughter,
thankful for approaching spring
hair growing out somewhat...  now that I am getting used to looking in the mirror, I think it needs a trim! YeGads!
www.onestillframe.blogspot.com   (absolutely beautiful work of daughter Beulah)
http://www.theprimitivegathering.com/highbuttonshoe.htm   NEW 4/15/09