Days fly by quickly
and children move on.
Before we know it
the "old times" are gone.
But as we look back
at generations gone by,
we reflect on the memories
that serve as a tie.
Binding us together
with future and past;
and building a story
that forever will last. 

 Shannon Fahnle 

A reproduction of an early childhood treasure, this horse is firmly stuf'd, a lovely old look toy from the past. $46.00+SH

Antiques:  Poison Crock   $145.00  SALE Priced at $100

Bowhers Pyrox Poison Crock. 10" tall w/lid and knob. Lid is wood and is original, and has been mended. It has minute small cracks in it that are very old, and does not affect the crock. $145.00 + SH  A lovely piece of advertising crockery!


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