Antiques ~ Page 2

Days fly by quickly
and children move on.
Before we know it
the "old times" are gone.
But as we look back
at generations gone by,
we reflect on the memories
that serve as a tie.
Binding us together
with future and past;
and building a story
that forever will last. 

 Shannon Fahnle 


3 butter paddles, 2 with straight handles at $18 each, one with hook in handle, all carved in one wood, $22.   plus shipping.

Found in Kentucky, this lard press is extreme primitive and an excellent example of  an 'early  made to fit a need', handmade with a metal hinge. 27" long. $48.00+SH Specify large press.

Old tin berry pail with wood lid, wire bail, OLDE, 7" across bottom, 5.25" high, excellent condition. $58.00+SH

Olde wood lemon press , T&D Mfg & Co, Indianapolis.  9" long  $36.00+SH

A remarkable mirror, beveled glass, ornate wood trim, extreme faded old fabric with remnants of red still visible, 10x14"  all original.  $135.00+SH  (photo is reflecting an old dress in the mirror. the mirror is good!) While a great primitive piece, it has a Victorian look to it.

~~old style scissors~~

  always fascinated with old scissors, I love the looks of these reproductions made to look like the old style sewing scissors frontier people used. 4" long. $8.00+$2.50 shipping



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